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Excellent software doesn’t just meet, but exceeds expectations of critical users. We apply this standard to ourselves. Day by day.

Java EE

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We speak Java & more. Faster than others.

Since 2001, we have been developing agile digital solutions for corporations and SMEs with international aspirations. Scalable, easy to maintain, and quick to adapt to leverage new opportunities at any time.

We implement your desired solution to suit your specific case of application: on-premises (server-based license and usage model on site), in the cloud or hybrid. Technologically, we rely on Jakarta EE, AWS, Spring Boot, React and Angular. We accompany our customers from the individual conception of an application to its successful introduction. Training included.


6 months to the prototype? No way.

Thanks to our efficient MVP approach (Minimum Viable Product) and a strong DevOps expertise, we deliver first usable results in the shortest possible time. And we know that without convincing usability, every software solution loses its effect. That is why our intuitively gifted UX experts accompany all our projects right from the start.

You would like examples and references? Contact us.

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For any questions please contact Sascha Steiger, our Head of Java Development.

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