QuinScape provides IT services focusing on the topics of Data & Analytics, Agile Enterprise Collaboration and custom-made solutions

About QuinScape GmbH

QuinScape provides IT services focusing on the topics of Data & Analytics, Agile Enterprise Collaboration and custom-made solutions.
QuinScape can already look back on more than 18 years of experience with Enterprise Java technologies. We utilize leading international platforms for our customer projects, especially Talend and TIBCO Spotfire/Jaspersoft and TIBCO Data Virtualization (Data & Analytics) as well as cplace and Intrexx (Agile Enterprise Collaboration).

QuinScape has taken up a leading position for these platforms in all the German-speaking countries. From our headquarter in Dortmund and our branch in Hanover around 170 IT experts work for Dax-30 enterprises, market leading companies and public institutions in the following areas:

Data & Analytics

Agile Enterprise Collaboration

Custom Made
Data & Analytics

360° data and system integration

Talend is the leading open source solution for all data and application integration tasks. The platform includes tools for data integration (ETL), ensuring Data Quality, Meta-Data Management, Application Integration (ESB), Cloud and Big Data integration as well as a Data Catalogue. QuinScape has been a Talend Partner since 2012 and is also a partner for complementary products such as Snowflake (Cloud Datawarehouse), RapidMiner (Data Science) and databricks (Cloud Data Engineering & Data Science).

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Data virtualization, reporting and analytics

QuinScape is a leading system integrator for TIBCO Analytics products in all the German-speaking countries.
Millions of people use TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Jaspersoft to help them make decisions every day. TIBCO Data Virtualization plays a major role in modern data architectures by delivering governed and federated data from heterogeneous data sources. With over 10 years of technical experience to their name, QuinScape is a strong partner for reporting and analytics projects as well as Data Virtualization.

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Agile Enterprise Collaboration

Agile, collaborative project management

cplace is a software for the next generation of project management and is in use at major corporations, including many in the automotive sector. The cplace platform also enables the development of customized individual software solutions for business applications. QuinScape is a leading service provider for complex software solutions on the basis of cplace and has proven experience in providing consulting services and implementations for customers.

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Low-code application development

Since 2003, QuinScape has been a leading partner of United Planet GmbH for developing portals and applications with Intrexx. As a “low code” platform, Intrexx delivers unique conditions for implementing customized portals and applications in the fields of digital workplace, B2B and social collaboration.

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Custom Made

Complex custom-made projects

QuinScape utilizes Jakarta EE technology to address complex and highly individual requirements such as in the fields of e-commerce, sales, logistics and Master Data Management. QuinScape has many years of extensive experience in the agile development of complex portals and integration solutions both in the Cloud and on premises and is an expert for integrations e.g. with SAP, Salesforce and Siebel.
A team with many years of experience in Java-BPM-SAP NetWeaver technology completes QuinScape’s range of expertise.

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