QuinScape’s Social Responsibility Guidelines

Corporate Social Responsibility QuinScape is an innovative IT services partner which develops software solutions to simplify business processes and the interaction between different operating departments. QuinScape delivers its expertise across all sectors, encompassing small and medium-sized businesses, corporations and public authorities. Since the company was established in 2001, its managing partners and their team of 80 staff in Dortmund have supported over 100 customers throughout the German-speaking countries.

Software solutions by QuinScape cover business processes with cutting-edge information technology applications – such as mobile solutions. QuinScape places particular emphasis on the integration of existing IT and software architectures. At the same time QuinScape solutions are adaptable to changing performance requirements and technological developments in the future.

In all its endeavors QuinScape respects and follows international declarations of human rights as well as social and ecological sustainability (UN, ILO, OECD, and more). As a young and medium-sized IT company, QuinScape is committed to further growth. During this growth processes QuinScape will enhance its external and internal responsibility, strengthen its report regime and broaden its certification level.

Sustainable Development

QuinScape provides services that are significant for its clients. By serving the clients, QuinScape ensures that these services contribute to maintaining and improving client’s sustainability impact. This, in the long term, secures the value of QuinScape as a going concern and enables it to earn an appropriate return on capital.

Responsibility for our employees and civil society

We motivate our employees; encourage them to show initiative and to take individual responsibility. We offer secure jobs and healthy working conditions and cater to their individual and specific needs. Mutual respect and tolerance help us to achieve our corporate objectives.

Our framework for a productive environment is flat hierarchies, team and a harmonious company spirit. Creative and personal freedom is supported for the benefit of the company's objectives.

Furthermore, we are committed to a proactive role in contributing to improving social and economic conditions in Dortmund.

Responsibility for our customers

We satisfy customer requirements and requests through

  • resource-efficient, application-specific and solution-aligned process optimization
  • involvement in the drafting of technical rules and regulations (BITKOM, VDI etc.)
  • supply operations on the basis of best practices.

Transparent action and responsible governance

Our actions are guided by rules which apply in all areas and at all levels. These rules make for clear, forward-looking governance and help minimize economic and environmental risks. We regularly review our rules and adapt them to changes in the general conditions.

Resource efficiency for a prosperous future

We examine and assess our activities and products with respect to cost-efficiency, quality, consumption of resources, environmental compatibility, energy efficiency, occupational health, and safety, and environmental protection, with the purpose of achieving continuous improvement.


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